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Meet Our Founder

Nancy Benet, CPA

Founder, visionary, mentorship master.

Nancy Benet started her accounting firm out of necessity in a basement during the middle of a recession. Not exactly a recipe for success. But now, after almost three decades in business, she owns a thriving (and growing) accounting firm as well as the office complex that houses it. She learned how to scale a business through trial and error and by taking a front-row seat to the successes and failures of her clients. Entrepreneurs with personal success stories are a dime a dozen, but Nancy brings a much more unique point of view to the table. As a CPA and business advisor, Nancy has witnessed the internal workings, and strategic decision-making of hundreds of other businesses. Her personal and professional perspectives combined have resulted in the wisdom she is sharing with the next generation of businesswomen. An accountant by day and inspirational speaker by night, Nancy’s passion is inspiring and empowering entrepreneurial women and ultimately helping them bring their dreams to life.

Meet the Team

At Success Your Way, we pride ourselves on our strong team. From busy moms, and full time business owners, to college students, we work together to build wholistic communities and resources to help women succeed. 

Adrienne Freeland

Writer, strategist, cool mom.

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Tish Clarke 

Administrator, executor, bringer of energy.

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Kimberly Cline

Image guru, designer, cheerleader.

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