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How Did We Even Get Here?

Dec 07, 2022

Five years ago, my friend, collaborator, and mentor Nancy and I set off on what has turned out to be a winding journey. At the time, she hired me to write blog posts for her accounting firm, but it didn't take long before we realized we had much more exciting work to do together. Nancy is a true entrepreneur. Not only does she have big ideas, but she has the intuition to know which ideas are worth investing in. 

We started our work with the idea of writing a book about Nancy's life and career transformations. You'll hear more about her journey if you hang around here long enough. That book will likely still happen one day, but over time the ideas evolved into a new format: online courses. By creating online courses, Nancy can share her wisdom and experience more widely with anyone ready to learn. It took us a long time to develop the first course, and while we worked, we dabbled in social media and tried to create Nancy the brand. Something wasn't clicking.

A couple of months ago Nancy brought her daughter Tish onto our team, and then our friend Kim joined, and suddenly it was as if the floodgates opened. We didn't know it at the time, but for years Nancy and I had been building a framework that would support this explosion of creativity that we're calling Success Your Way.

Our little course has blossomed into a full-blown company in the last few months. The train is speeding along, and we're holding on for dear life. I think our progress boils down to two things. 

1. We invited new people to the table. 

Well, if we're being honest, Nancy invited new people to the table. That's her strength. If you identify a gap, she'll find the right people to fill it. I attribute it to a combination of wisdom, manifestation, and great taste. Often, women are taught that success is scarce and we need to compete with one another as if other women succeeding leaves less space for us. If there's anything I've learned through this process, it's that putting smart, talented women in positions where they can shine makes everyone better.

2. Sometimes, you just have to start.

Our team (Nancy, Tish, Kim, and I) has worked really hard to put together this website, the branding, the photos, the blogs, all of it. If I'm being honest, it's not perfect. It's great, and we're proud of it, but we could continue working for months. However, every moment we spend perfecting what's already good, are moments we're not pursuing our goals. We're here to create educational and inspirational content and a community for female entrepreneurs, not wow them with our website. So, this week we decided it was time to push the launch button.

It's my honor to write the first blog post since our launch as Success Your Way. As the official team writer, you'll hear my voice a lot, but I'm also excited to share other women's voices. So, whether you're new to the business world or are an experienced entrepreneur just looking for some inspiration, we welcome you here. Together we'll help you find Success Your Way. If you'd like to keep in touch with us, click here to join our email list.



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