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Say Goodbye to Sunday Scaries

feed your soul tish clarke Dec 14, 2022

Ever since I entered the business world as a twenty-something college student, I’ve heard the term “Sunday scaries,” meaning on Sunday evening you’re beginning to feel the impending doom of the Monday morning start to a new week. This has become such a normalized saying that nobody bats an eye when it’s mentioned at Sunday family dinner. What if I told you the “Sunday scaries” could turn into something inspirational to get you fired up for Monday? You don’t have to live your life waiting for Friday and dreading Monday, you determine how you feel about the beginning of a new week.

                Let’s think about why we hate Mondays so much. Is it the fact that you are starting a new work week? Do you dread the idea of leaving your kids while you go to the office? Is your job constantly draining you? No matter the reason for your Monday blues, there is a way to fix it, you just have to begin taking the baby steps towards your end goal. I believe our society has prepared us to hate our jobs and live for the weekends, it’s our decision whether we want to live like that or not.

It wasn’t until I started my recent job that the weekend ending didn’t sound so bad. When you truly love what you do, work is fun and inspiring, not draining. No, I don’t have my own business, I don’t make millions of dollars, and I’m not able to choose my hours, but I am the happiest I have ever been at the many jobs I’ve had. I don’t consider myself a lucky person, this job didn’t just fall into my lap, I set an intention for something better to come my way and immediately an opportunity opened up for me. If you do not put in the work, you simply won’t see any results.

Don’t know where to start? Sit down with yourself and list out the things you want in life. Do you want to be self-employed, work remote, and taste amazing food for a living? Great! What are your next actions going to be that propel you towards that ideal lifestyle?

At Success Your Way, we preach “just go for it,” meaning you shouldn’t be waiting to create the life you dream of. Whatever you want in this life, it is possible for you to have. I used to believe that was all fluffy nonsense to make me feel better, until I saw it in action with the amazing women around me. My mother, Nancy Benet, the founder of Success Your Way, has been a huge inspiration to me. If you don’t know her success story by now, it is truly inspiring, and I encourage you to read what she has accomplished here. Success didn’t just happen to her, she truly believed in herself and what she was capable of. I’m sure she sat there at the end of the weekend horrified by the fact that she had to go to a job she hated to provide for her children. Sometimes it takes getting to that point to finally make a change.

Stop fighting that Sunday afternoon anxiety and start making changes that will break that weekly cycle. Don’t wait for something amazing to happen to you, make something amazing happen. It’s time to finally say goodbye to your job or lifestyle that isn’t serving you and do what you truly believe you are meant to do. At the end of the day, you are in control.

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